Recent Work: The Adventures of Chuck and Friends

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends

I have recently been working as a Modeler, Rigger, and Scripter on a kids TV show called The Adventures of Chuck and Friends – Season 1. I have scripted an auto rigging system that generates a fully animation ready rig in under 30 seconds and adjusts the rig to the unique proportions of whatever character is passed into it. This system allows the riggers on the team to have the base rig ready to use very fast and gives them more time to focus on additional features unique to the character. For instance, the blue character above was run through the auto rigger, his arm however was manually rigged by me. I have also been responsible for modeling/rigging a large number of characters that appear on the show including sets and props. Throughout this process I have also helped develop tools for  animators to animate auto steering and auto tire rotation for all characters so they can focus more on the acting and performance. More information about the show and upcoming episodes can be found here.

Click here to see a short clip of how the character rigs function in the show and what type of animation they support. All characters on the show use the auto rigging system.

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